How Reputation Management Has Changed Small Business

Written on February 13, 2016 at 2:31 am, by SOSliens

As important as they are, capital, manpower, good website designs, SEO, stationery and other factors in business, they are not the main markers of success, growth and development the business. Without a good reputation management strategy in place, a business faces a risk of decline or possibly collapse, owing to negative comments, deleterious customer feedback, or malicious reputation damage from bloggers and jealous competitors, and rogue employees alike. Below are some ways How Reputation Management Has Changed Small Business (thanks to RenegadeWorks for inspiring this post), as well as you what you can get with a good approach to keep your business name reputable online, and how to do that.


Better Branding

In this age and day, business has in a huge way transformed to the digital type. Every other person seeking services and products from the market, want to do so by conducting a thorough online research from the comfort of their home or office. They are looking for highly reputable businesses, and will keep away from firms with bad reviews.

To keep their brand names in good light at all times, most small businesses with operations online seek reputation management services. Positive branding through ORM has assisted a good number of small businesses gain their client’s trust and credibility, increase their sales, and generate more revenue; with some even growing to empires in their local areas.

Improvement Of Quality Of Products And Services

It has along the years become evident that when a wise business owner is mindful of their online reputation, they get to interact more directly with clients in order to solve customer issues as soon as possible. As a small business owner with operations online, you also get to come across different views, comments and suggestions about product and service delivery.

Wise business owners utilize this to always learn from complaints, feedback and other forms of interaction, including negative material. This not only helps in as far as containing reputation damage is concerned, but also goes a long way in influencing decision making about service, products, and business operations. It in turn leads to an improvement in product and services, hence the betterment of customer experience. Some business innovations are achieved through a similar way.

Reputation Management Has Improved Relations for Small Businesses

In this age and day, wise investors, prospective partners and financial institutions have learned to keep away from businesses with bad reputation. Most owners of small businesses have also come to understand the beauty of having a good approach in place and control to maintain good reputation for their businesses.

The fruits of this; investors and financial institutions, as well as willing partners gain interest in with reputable businesses as they bring in more business and get new deals on the table. This will not only increase your chances of forming good business relations, but also assist in forming allies that can defend you in difficult times; say when conflicts and other issues arise. It is thus more than just a plus in business growth and development.

How Reputation Management Has Changed Small Business

With highly reliable service providers for online reputation management marketability of small businesses has also been affected a great deal. You may want to sell your business for one reason or another. Most willing buyers however, research about the reputation of a small business first before deciding to buy it. In most cases, bad online reputation leads to owners giving away their businesses out of desperation as a going concern. The more reputable your business is, the more marketable it will be.

To avoid such losses, brand better, make more online ales and grow your business more, ensure that your small business is highly marketable and stay reputable. To do this, be sure to earn it a good name by investing in a goo online reputation management firm.

How to Buy Twitter Followers

Written on May 7, 2014 at 6:40 am, by SOSliens

Asos Twitter App by ThrusitesMore and more business have come to recognize Twitter for the fertile ground that it is. As a result, a bigger percentage of modern-day businesses have taken to using and utilizing this platform to reach out to their target market. As with other social media websites, Twitter has made it possible for companies, businesses, and even personalities to harness the power of the Internet to their favor. If you are in the business of doing online marketing, then it is highly advised that you keep up with this trend. As a matter of fact, it will be best if you get one step ahead and buy Twitter followers. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you with the process and enable you to make the most out of your account.

Before you buy Twitter followers, you would need a Twitter account of your own. If you already have one, then you can go ahead and go to the meat of the process. However, if you still do not have a Twitter account, you will need to create one stat. You do not have to worry about incurring any kinds of expenses for this service is available for free. While you are at it, make sure that you also familiarize yourself with the website interface. Do not worry because using Twitter is pretty simple. As a matter of fact, the main challenge that you will need to cope with is the 140-character limit that is assigned for tweets.

Once your account is up and running, you can buy Twitter followers. There are different websites that will help you find the service that you need, for the price that you can afford. A quick search online will show you link after link of websites that you can use in order to boost the number of followers that you have for your account. After choosing a service provider, you will need to choose among the different packages that they have in store for you. The amount that you will need to pay will depend highly on the kind of followers that you want. If you have a limited amount of money, then you can settle for bot accounts. If you have enough money for live followers, however, then you might as well spend your budget on those.

Once your payment is successfully coursed through, you will discreetly receive the followers that you ordered in your account. Keep in mind that when you buy Twitter followers, your whole order will not be reflected in your profile at once. You will need to wait for a couple of days for the full order to be delivered. This scheme will help you ensure that Twitter and your real followers will not notice that you bought followers. Once all of your followers are delivered, you will find it easier to generate real and organic follows from other Twitter users. You can then begin to harness the power of your new and improved profile to forward your marketing agenda, with the help of the credibility that your higher follower count has afforded you.

Why You Should Buy Vine Followers?

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ToolNetworking and connecting with other people has been totally transformed by social media networks over the last few years. These platforms are easy to use and free, and hence they attract a lot of audience. Businesses have now learned to use these social media networks to popularize their products and multiply customers. One poplar social media platform is Vine which has gained a wide popularity since its inception 2010.

What is Vine?

Vine is an online service that enables friends to apply digital filters on photos and videos, and share them on social networking programs such as twitter, Facebook or Flickr. Vine applications are available for different smartphone devises including android phones, blackberry gadgets and iphones. This service was bought by Facebook in 2012, a merger that made it very successful.

How Vine Works

Once you sign up with Vine, you can upload short videos and photographs and share them on the Vine community. You an also connect and share items with other networking sites. Vine’s web profiles allow people to use their Vine account as a social media site. You can therefore view recently updated pictures, personal details and biographical information on the users account profile. People can also send photos to specific users or groups such that those photos are only seen by the intended viewer. Vine users are also allowed to record videos of up to fifteen seconds share them via the service.

Vine As A Business Tool

Businesses have now taken up Vine as an essential business tool to market and popularize their brands. With more than 100 million followers, it is no doubt that having a good command in Vine can make boost your business. Internet businesses use the service as a platform to announce their new products to their customers and capture new clients. Just as they say, one photo is worth a thousand words, businesses can use Vine to communicate timeless messages to the public.

Vine Followers

Vine followers are simply real people who like your profile and would wish to get in touch with your updates. Just like any other social media platform, Vine is a wide service that has many users. The Vine follower tool helps different users within the Vine community to create a link with which they can keep in touch.

In the business context, Vine followers are people who could be interested in your products and services. This means that they are probably your future customers. Everything that you update on your profile is given priority in their profiles too and hence they form part of your client base. Their friends can also view your profile indirectly and can also become your clients.

Getting followers means that those users deliberately choose to follow you, which happens only when they like your products. Followers accumulate slowly since people have to individually respond to requests making the process slow and difficult

Why You Should Buy Vine Followers

The process of getting Vine followers is often long and slow. It could take you months or even years before you accumulate a reliable number of followers on Vine. Buying Vine followers is a shortcut to this process, where you just pay for the required number of followers and then get them within a short time.

Buying Vine followers helps increase our customers and boost your brand image in the market. The popularity of any online business is measured by the number of followers it has. The business popularity on social media platforms not only captures the attention of many people but also gains commendable improvement on search engine rankings.

Search engines are engineered to identify the most frequently visited sites or the things that people like on the web and then rank them appropriately in search results. It is possible to attach links leading to your business website on Vine. When you have many followers, there are high chances that many people will click on your links, which increases your site’s traffic.

People don’t necessarily have to buy your products for you to achieve your advertising needs. Building a good public image helps create networks that you can rely on in the future. Buying Vine followers is one of the best ways to build such networks

When you buy Vine followers, you can request them to follow you on other social media sites, which further improves your popularity. If you have a good number of followers, every message you post on your products and services can easily go viral. Buying followers reduces the efforts needed to get recognized by people.

Whenever you make simple profile updates, you no longer have to struggle to make yourself recognized. All your followers can see those updates on their home pages. It is important that you keep your profile clean and attractive since simple mistakes or poor updates will also be seen by many people and can temper wit your business reputation.

Creativity is very crucial when it comes to Vine. Most communication is done through multi-media items which must be tailored to look attractive. Find a way to make your products look captivating and use funny images to command attention. Eye catchers should be frequently updated to keep your viewers on toes. You don’t necessarily have to update everything on Vine. Having a few eye-catchers with links attached to them helps redirect Vine users to your site.

After you have bought your Vine followers, you need to keep them attracted to you products. You should be clever when updating your pictures in order to achieve this. In stead of uploading large photo batches at once, look for the best shots. Viewers can easily skip some images if you upload too many at once. Avoid putting similar photos which can cause followers to lose interest. Using hash tags helps capture the attention of people looking for specific images.

Another reason why you should buy Vine followers is to capture a large geographical scope. Buying followers gives you clients from all over the world which is essential in marketing your products. It is also possible to get followers from one geographical region by adjusting your Vine geographical settings.

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How Buying Vine Followers Can Prove Beneficial To Your Business

Written on January 23, 2014 at 2:10 pm, by SOSliens is a twitter application where users can capture videos and share them with their Vine followers and on other social media. People are already flocking the application, as it is fun filled and easy to use.

Success on vine heavily depends on your ability to attract a sizable a following. If you have many followers, you are likely to get more views, more likes and eventually increased sales. However, gaining natural followers on Vine is not an easy feat. Unless you are already well established on the scenes, you may only dream about a big following. For a shrewd businessperson, a feasible alternative is to research how to get more Vine followers through buying.

Benefits of buying vine followers

  • Increased exposure – having a big number of followers makes your profile stand out. When this is so, everyone will be forced to take note. It is also natural that humans enjoy associating with popular things. A Vine profile with 15 followers hardly attracts attention; in fact, people may start thinking that it has a few followers because its content is not useful. That however cannot be said of an account with 5,000 followers. Just because 5,000 followers are on your profile, other users will start to recognize you.
  • Allows you to build a family of followers – once you have the 5,000 purchased followers, many natural followers will join the course. What is required of you is to engage your followers in the most helpful way possible. People will never mind how they ended up there; if the place is proving so helpful, they are even likely to spread the word. Always strive to give your followers reasons to continue following you. Create fresh, exiting content as often as possible, teach them and make them feel at home.
  • Increase in conversions – buying Vine followers helps you increase your conversions in two ways; from natural followers and purchased followers. When you have an increased number of natural followers coming to your website from Vine, all that is left is for you is to convince them to buy. As long as the number of prospects keeps growing, you will certainly make more conversions. As for the purchased followers, if they are humans, what can stop them from making a purchase? If they find that you are selling is indeed beneficial to them, they will not hesitate to place an order.
  • Buying vine followers is convenient – acquiring natural followers may require that you engage in lengthy marketing campaigns, in some cases you may even have spent a few dollars. If you opt to buy Vine followers, you spare yourself all that agony. Once you pay a small sum for the followers, you only have to wait for a few hours before you have them on your profile.

When buying Vine followers, it is important that you purchase from a trustworthy company. If you can get a tip from a friend or a family member then that would be even better. If you have to rely solely on the internet, always read customer reviews before you make up your mind. It may also be advisable to compare prices of different providers before you make the final choice.

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Utilizing Facebook’s Features for Effective Marketing

Written on December 8, 2013 at 9:17 pm, by SOSliens

“Canon utilizing sex appeal to sell cameras?” ...As Facebook has become the dominant social media site on the internet for quite some time, many business marketers are using this platform in order for them to connect to their potential customers and to promote their brand on a much wider scale.

In addition, as if to respond to this friend, Facebook has implemented several features and methods for anyone who wishes to use take this avenue for marketing. Using these methods, Facebook can become a very powerful marketing to help you get connected with a wider demographic.

Traditional Facebook Advertising

One of the most basic approach to marketing with Facebook is the use of online advertising. These are more commonly referred to as “Marketplace Ads”, and they are usually located around the right-hand corner of any Facebook page. They usually contain an image, a headline, and a click-through link to either a Facebook page, a Facebook app, or even an external brand website.

Since Facebook don’t release any information about their ads click-through rates, it’s quite difficult to determine the success rate of this type of marketing, when compared to Google ads. Nevertheless, in combination with other methods, Facebook ads present an effective tool in gaining even more leads and maximizing customer visibility.

Facebook Pages

The most elementary of Facebook marketing, setting up a Facebook page for your brand provides a good foundation for your Facebook marketing strategy (and quite possibly your overall strategy). The page allows you to build up your overall identity, and even allows you to connect to your customers in a much more personal way.

When setting up a page, your featured content can make a difference. Take advantage of the fact that you can show off a much lighter side of your business using the page, by posting relevant content that will surely catch the interest of your target demographic. These can include pictures, videos, and even other posts that are related to your brand.

Sponsored Stories And Promoted Posts

As part of the improvements Facebook has made to cater to marketers, they now allows some status posts to be promoted. Post promotion works by paying a nominal fee, and then that post’s visibility to the News Feeds of existing likers will increase, with the added benefit of giving these existing users a chance to share the post with their friends.

Sponsored Stories are posts which also get increased visibility by not only appearing on the news feed of existing fans who made the post (hence, it gets easily overlooked), but also on the right sidebar.

These two features are beneficial to marketers because they give increased visibility to any updates that are featured for your brand. And increased visibility means more potential customer will be aware of the update that’s featured on your page, which also increases brand awareness. Which is why you also need to buy Twitter followers.

There are many more methods that marketers can utilize to turn Facebook into an effective marketing tool for them. As Facebook constantly implements new updates to improve the experience of marketing on their site, coupled with the fact that Facebook is utilized by several trillions of users around the world, it’s no wonder that marketers now consider Facebook to be the ultimate toll for effective online marketing.

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These Are the Biggest Factors in Search Engine Rankings

Written on October 19, 2013 at 5:43 pm, by SOSliens

English: Screenshot of Google Suggest function...A company wouldn’t be in business if it doesn’t covet revenue. This is the goal of every brick and mortar store that ever opened its doors and the same applies to every website being powered by a company. Getting your web site ranked higher in the results of online search engines works extremely well in increasing the leads and revenue of any business in pursuit of that. However, it’s impossible for all of us to be listed on the first page of Google. That’s why we have to struggle against each other to determine who is worthy to appear on top. Armed with only our SEO skills and strategies; whoever is able to rank well in the most relevant keywords in their chosen niche is guaranteed a flourishing web traffic.

Given Google Search is said to have around 200 ranking factors, it’s smart that we’re aware of the most important ones. If you want to rank your website well, you have to be familiar which factors affect your ranking most so you can put extra effort in those areas. Therefore, we’ll point them out to you in this article so you never lose them.

Backlinks and Anchor Text Usage

Regardless of whatever news you’ve been paying attention to these days about the updates web masters had to endure on Google. Backlinks and keywords was, is and will remain as the most important factor when it comes to SEO on Google Search. However, because of the developments in its algorithm, there has been a great shift in regards to quantity and quality, with the latter now taking the upper hand. Here are some more important insights you should know:

  • Natural backlinks continues to be a Google ranking factor with the highest importance.
  • Credible sources or links coming from highly trusted sites are more valued by Google than others are.
  • Naked URLs in place of keywords are still considered and are of high value in Google earth.
  • One can still buy web traffic in the hopes of temporarily boosting his numbers and increase sales.

Website Content and Keyword Usage

Content is the primary reason why Google is driving visitors to your website. It allows your site to receive a piece of the massive traffic it’s receiving each day so that it could point its users to relevant website that could resolve their queries. Keywords have a lot to do with how Google associates your content to what its users are looking for. Hence, it has evolved into a smart piece of software that could determine a keyword stuffed content, from those that had quality in mind when it’s being made. Here are insights you should keep in mind:

  • Use your keywords in titles as natural as possible.
  • Be sure to apply them in header tags like H1, H2 or H3
  • Focus on using long tail keywords that aren’t used very much by your competitors but are still being searched by your target audience.
  • Write in small paragraphs and divide your content with sub headings.
  • Ensure that your content doesn’t affect the loading the speed of your website so that Google doesn’t punish you.

New Things That Matter

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How To Get More Facebook Fans Today

Written on October 15, 2013 at 12:43 pm, by SOSliens

Despite what some people may say or think, Facebook is a goldmine for anybody review of Cash Unite looking to sell anything. However you need to know exactly what you have to do. For instance to end up marketing effectively you must totally engage your fan base read more… and get them to be real fans. But naturally before you even get there, you need to get the fan base in the first place.

Here are very many hot tips that will help you to quickly build your fan page.

Take the time to design an attractive fan page
The feeling you get visiting many Facebook pages that aren’t doing that well is that they were too hastily put together without too much work or effort going into them. Obviously the idea was to start attracting as many fans as quickly as possible. This is the most common mistake visit this page people make. Attracting fans is seduction and in seduction the first impression counts like crazy and so you need to go out of your way to knock them out with your looks.

Relevant, relevant
You must stay on topic. Give your fans what they want. It’s like going to a concert hosted by your favorite artiste and they end up performing songs by somebody else all evening. It is a total let down. To quickly get more Facebook fans they will need to like you and to get to like you, you must give them exactly what they want and are looking for.

Send them a private message
This is something you need to be careful never to overdo. Send all your friends a private message suggesting your page and also asking them to tell their friends about it if they end up liking it. Simple but it works. And yet most people go out there looking for magical ideas without first starting with the very basics of inviting the friends they already have.

Use other platforms
Do you have people that follow you on other social networks? Invite them to your page. You can also post articles in high traffic article directories and do guest posts touching on fascinating stuff linked to your page and at the end in the resource box do invite them to visit your Facebook page. The advantage here is that these posts stay on the web forever and people keep on stumbling on them and reading them. Just make sure that that you are consistent about putting out the message and the numbers will cocnistently flow in your direction. That is exactly how to get more Facebook fans today, tomorrow and for a long time to come.

Paid ad is NOT a dirty word
Paid ads on Facebook are pretty effective. Why not use them to quickly grow your fan base? You will be shocked at how a small ad can generate such huge traffic to your page. The inevitable result will be a rapid growth of your Facebook fans.

Companies use contests and so can you
A contest is not that difficult to organize and has been very effective in helping various companies grow their fan base quickly. Just make sure that it is relevant, lots of fun and will interest the kind of people you are targeting. Don’t forget to use the strengths of this popular social site where you can. For instance people ordinarily love to post photos on Facebook which their friends can then comment on. Maybe you could get them to post photos of themselves using your product or service and the one that gets the most comments wins. Just an idea that you can use to come up with your own that should be even better.

Keep thinking up new ideas to grow your fan base
In reading this article you are obviously thinking seriously about how to increase your fan base. Don’t stop! Especially after you start getting a little success just stay on it and within a few months you are bound to be utterly amazed at what you will have achieved.

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Ten Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog Now

Written on October 8, 2013 at 12:45 pm, by SOSliens

Every blogger will attest to this. It is very simple to create a blog. However, it is hard building it to get a sizeable traffic. Any blog without traffic is not useful at all no matter the quality of its content. It is thus important to seek ways to bring in traffic to your blog. May it be corporate blog or personal blog; those seeking to monetise or to pass on information th the readers. Here are some ways you could bring in traffic.  One other option to consider is learning how to buy traffic.

Get involved in areas where you audience is present online

Just like advertisers, you should know where to get your target audience online. Get to know the forums, websites and social communities where they are found. Several web-based tools can help you achieve this. You are then able to interact with your audience in these platforms. For example, you could post a message in a forum or a social site with a link back to your blog. It is highly likely that one of the readers will get interested and visit the blog.

Target the audience with the ability to spread the word

Try to target the audience that is likely to evangelise your blog. Different groups would be more or less energetic to pass on the message to others. For example, content with info graphics, videos and appealing photos would be best targeted on tech savvy groups that are very active on the internet.

Make use of social media

Social media platforms have attracted hundreds of millions of accounts. Such platforms as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ among others have such a huge following that if well managed, you could get a vast amount of traffic to your blog. Open an account at the relevant platforms, write good excerpts and link them to your blog. Keep making friends and posting interesting stuff.

Analyse your traffic

It is good to know where your traffic is coming from. Analysing the origin of the traffic will help you duplicate the efforts in future to achieve even better results. Concentrate more on sites that are bringing quality traffic. You can tell this by the amount of time that the readers are staying at your blog. Google Analytics is one of free analytical web tools you could use.

Use graphics and photos

Try to make the experience of visitors to your site enjoyable. Adding graphics and photos would add a good twist to your blog experience. Ensure that they have back linking licenses. Visitors share this out (of course it links back to your blog) among their friends pulling in more traffic to your blog.

Research on likely keywords to your topic

Keyword search helps you know what words internet users make use of when searching for related topics. It helps you use similar terms and words around the popular keywords. This increases the chances of getting a higher ranking in search results. Write a high quality article while using the keywords. However, avoid overusing keywords as they make your article look more or less like spam.

Create an email signature

A signature helps you tell others about your blog in a soft, less pushy method. It is simply a link put at signature settings of your email address. Unlike manual methods, you can put an email signature and send a link to your blog on every email you send effortlessly. Try changing the style of your email signature to avoid people getting blind to it.

Make use of comments section

It is advisable to make great comments on other blogs. This is likely to interest readers who will click through our details to your blog. Likewise, interact with great comment on your blogs. This way you are likely to make friends that will bring on valuable referrals to your blog.

Enable and encourage subscriptions

Without subscriptions, there is little likelihood that visitor that who likes your posts will trace your blog in future for more posts. Subscriptions are a way of encouraging those that that like your blog to visit when you put a new post. With time, you will grow consistent followers for your blogs.

Design your blog attractively

Visitors are likely to like your blog based on their ‘feel’ of your blog. A sharp, attractive blog is likely to catch their attention and consequently get more shares. Ensure that it is easy to read and navigate.

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